Helping You Finish Projects On Time and In Budget. 

We Are Construction Finish Experts

Midwest Design Group partners with clients from coast to coast. We define budget strategies and offer consulting and management services for innovative commercial projects across today’s most lucrative sectors.

If you’re invested in the outcomes, then we are too.

We serve clients on new commercial construction and intensive building renovations. More importantly, we give you a clear play-by-play to see your project through to the end—and drive your long-term vision and goals.

We help clients avoid the pitfalls

How prepared are you to walk? Budgets quickly get out of hand when stakeholders don’t understand the proper order of things. Let our experience guide you down the right path that will prevent those delays and redesigns. 

Complex projects never survive shortcuts. You just need to know where the priorities really stand.

Our Market Focus

Knowledge and speed to reach your quality standards.

Get proactive risk management for your time-sensitive projects and material costs. We’ll manage the due diligence process and help safeguard your timeline.

We can address any stage of the commercial building process. From initial concept and budgeting, to structural engineering and the finishing touches.