Owners Rep

Follow our lead and stay the course.

Whether you’re truly at “square one” or your project is facing a roadblock and you aren’t sure where to turn, we can help.

Get a well-managed project. Gain true peace of mind.

Midwest Design Group is proud to partner with owners and investors, construction managers, general contractors, property managers, and other professionals working in the commercial building sector.

We handle complex problems.

For our team, it doesn’t make sense to only address one piece of the puzzle. We’re here to put you on a path for success with a comprehensive, turnkey management process:

  • Project Team Assembly
  • Zoning and Regulation Reviews
  • Budget and Timeline Oversight
  • Pre-Development Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Project Closeout

You have five, ten, maybe two dozen facets of project development to consider. Or maybe there’s one overarching question on your mind.

We can get you the answers.

Our Owners Rep Projects

Independent and unbiased. Our team’s feasibility studies will highlight the hard facts and real objectives for your project.

Own a building—or looking to build?

We work from the ground-up, and with commercial renovation projects too. No matter the project, we’re on a mission to help our clients capitalize on their investments. It’s just a matter of determining the right strategy for your ideal long-term outcome.

  • Building Owners / Owners Reps 
  • Commercial Property Developers 
  • Real Estate Brokers and Lenders
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There’s no room for error, so don’t get sidetracked.

Every decision will impact your ROI. Let our team’s experience and objectivity give you the valuable insights you need to see things through to the end, without any added stress.

Our Clients.

We work with the best.